Justyn Melrose

Justyn Melrose

Contact: Justyn.Melrose@wghp.com

Born in Tampa, Florida, but “from” Northampton, Massachusetts, Justyn Melrose now calls Greensboro, N.C. his home.

After graduating from Guilford College, he joined on with RockinghamNow, a community newspaper, where he served Rockingham County as a news reporter for about 3 years.

He took on the mantle of FOX8 morning digital producer in July 2018 and became the executive digital producer in May 2021.

He has had multiple award-winning features published — though he is also proud of the stories he tells with friends through pen-and-paper roleplaying games.

When he’s not at the station, you can likely find him brewing up stories for his next Dungeons & Dragons campaign or getting in line for the next big Marvel movie.

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