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  • Ventilators protecting firefighters in Thomasville

    THOMASVILLE, N.C. – A federal grant from FEMA was awarded to the Thomasville Fire Department, allowing one more layer of protection for firefighters. Purchase of what’s known as a Source Capture Exhaust System SCES reduces the chances of the exhaust fumes seeping into the living quarters at the station. “When this station was built in 1976 (the headquarter station), exhaust systems weren’t thought of and then we built station three in 1991 and due to budget cuts, we weren’t able […]

  • Z is looking for a forever family

    Unafraid of the what life may have in store, 17-year-old Z is hopeful at finding a Forever Family. A unique and adventurous teen, she loves to try new things, create and has aspirations of performing for a show like Cirque Du Soleil. Most importantly she wants an accepting family that can give her the consistent love that she’s always dreamt of having. If you or someone you know is interested in adoption, please contact

  • Children’s Home Society campaign helping adoptive children and families

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Donations through the Children’s Home Society’s Little Red Stocking fund help to assist more than 500 families statewide with various resources and post-adoption services. Ricky and Jo Heather Dodson explained how it has been beneficial to their family after adopting two boys. “We now have support to therapy services that are offered to us through the Children’s Home Society,” Jo Heather said. “That’s an active living part of our life and it is a gift and […]

  • Clyde Fitzgerald, the former CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina, passes away

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Clyde Fitzgerald, the former CEO of Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina, has died, according to the food bank. The organization sent FOX8 the following statement on Sunday: “Everyone who has known Clyde over the years realizes the impact he has made in addressing hunger in our region and state – first as a board member and board chair with Second Harvest Food Bank, and, later, as the CEO for nearly ten years. Clyde’s graciousness, […]

  • Guilford Courthouse National Military Park closed for debris removal

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Guilford Courthouse National Military Park rangers say the historic site will be closed for at least a week as crews clear leftover debris from Tropical Storm Michael. Acting Superintendent Sarah Cunningham said that the estimate is weather dependent. “They’re focusing on getting the tour road open first and then once the ground dries out we’ll start focusing on the internal trails,” Cunningham said. The park has contracted a tree removal service withe the help of federal […]

  • 700 American flags honor heroes and veterans of the community in Randolph County

    RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — Driving passing by South Asheboro Middle School, you can see 700 American flags standing in a formation honoring heroes and veterans of the community. Asheboro and Randolph Chamber of Commerce President Linda Brown said the first Field of Honor display came about as a way to bring the community together. “The first year, we did this was in 2016 and we chose this weekend because it immediately followed the presidential election and that year it was […]

  • New radar signs assist in trick-or-treater safety in Guilford County

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — New speed limit digital radar signs are helping Guilford County sheriff’s deputies warn drivers to slow down. Capt. Randy Shepherd said the new signs are just one of the ways deputies are providing safety to neighborhoods this Halloween holiday. “We try to deploy some spare patrol cars out just as a visual deterrent to say law enforcement may be in the area,” Shepherd said. “Our officers are going to be out rotating as much as they can, patrolling […]

  • North Carolina A&T State University split into 2 congressional districts

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — While the issue of gerrymandering isn’t new to this country or our state, redrawing lines that create a split within a university is something Dr. Brandon Lenoir, with High Point University, said is certainly unusual. “There’s two philosophies when it comes to gerrymandering. There’s what we call packaging and there’s what we call cracking,” Lenoir said. “Cracking is you go in and you draw lines between them to where you split their size into smaller pieces to where […]

  • Chandler is looking for a forever family

    Chandler is a 13-year-old who already has his sights set on college to become a veterinarian. He dreams of taking his love for animals into a career and would love to attend North Carolina State University. He loves to sketch and draw anime is his spare time. Though soft spoken and introverted at first, Chandler is vocal about finding a forever family. To him, the type does not matter as long as they spend quality time and share their love. […]

  • High Point Crime Stoppers making progress thanks to tipsters

    HIGH POINT, N.C. – High Point Crime Stoppers Coordinator Amy Southards said the calls to the anonymous tip line are successful, but she often wishes there were more. She describes the call intake as a “feast or famine” scenario but said that the department averages about 500 tips a year. Those tips can come in the form of the phone line, online web form or text message. Southards said the number one misconception about Crime Stoppers is the tips are […]

  • Guilford County students with special needs strengthen social skills through coffee shop programs

    GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Students with special needs in Guilford County are strengthening their social skills through coffee shop programs serving staff members. For three weeks, students at Christine Joyner Education Center have been operating the “Mustang Café” as a part of teacher Bonnie Christina’s career development class. “My entire purpose is to makes sure that every child gets exposure no matter what their level and as you can see we make a lot of modifications and adaptations to make […]

  • Demi is looking for a forever family

    Ten-year-old Demi has her focus set on becoming a superstar singer when she grows up. She has a passion for the bright lights and performing but would love to have a family of her own cheering her on along the way. Demi loves school, art and has a knack for baking. She takes he role seriously as a big sister to her younger brother Ethan. They enjoy playing outside together discussing their favorite superheroes. “They have been in foster care […]

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