Emily Byrd began studying the weather early in life, watching and listening for thunderstorms on the front porch. It was then that she developed a fascination with how the atmosphere behaves. There was never anything else that she wanted to do growing up than study the weather. Every evening at 6:16 p.m., she would leave the dinner table to catch Frank Deal doing the weather on WGHP. He always had a report from “our man” and a funny joke to share. Fred Blackman and Cynthia Smoot led the newscast and Rich Brenner signaled time to go back to the dinner table and finish eating. Two young upstarts joined the team, Neill McNeill and Van Denton, and the question on Emily’s mind was “Are those really their names?”

Time has a wonderful way of answering our questions, and in 2002 she had the honor of joining the team at WGHP. It’s great fun to walk the same halls as the people she grew up admiring and to be a part of the FOX 8 Family makes her work incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Emily grew up in the Triad, graduated from North Carolina State University with a Degree in Meteorology and from UNC-Greensboro with a Degree in Fine Arts. She worked at WXLV and WNCN before coming to WGHP.

When she isn’t working, Emily enjoys time with her mostly-perfect daughter, gardening, sewing and jogging.
If you have a weather-related question for Emily, please e-mail, or tweet her @Em_I_Am!

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  • Researchers looking for 10,000 dogs for study on aging process

    Researchers are looking for 10,000 dogs for a study on the aging process. The “Dog Aging Project” is a collective effort from 16 different veterinary schools, medical schools and research facilities nationwide, including North Carolina State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. It turns out dogs age much like people, albeit at a faster pace. Signs of aging in both species include dementia, cancer, and heart disease. Dogs also live in the same environment as us, so scientists are hoping this study […]

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    JAMESTOWN, N.C. — If you live in Adams Farm or Jamestown, you’ve probably had to drive a bit to find a dog park for your pooch to socialize with other dogs. That’s about to change! “We’re really excited to have a dog park out in this area. We have two other dog parks within our system, one at Country Park and one at Lebauer Park,” Jennifer Hance, the community engagement coordinator for the City of Greensboro, said. Griffin Dog Park […]

  • Study finds cats love their people just like dog and babies

    Cats. They have a reputation for being aloof. But a recent study in the journal Current Biology shows there may be more going on in that feline noggin than we thought. It turns out cats like their people as much as dogs and humans like their people. So how did researchers come to this conclusion? Cats were put into an unfamiliar room with their caregivers for two minutes, then separated for two minutes, then reunited for two minutes. Then, researchers […]

  • Local woman shares love of photography to help animals

    Jessica Mashburn is known locally for her beautiful voice. She performs regularly at Printworks Bistro in Greensboro. After volunteering at the Guilford County Animal Shelter, she decided to share her talent in a different way … through photography. Mashburn began Furr Frames —  digital picture frames featuring portraits of shelter pets. These frames are located in 35 locally-owned restaurants and stores in Greensboro and Guilford County. Already, 80 of her photographed pets have been adopted. “A lot of these pets […]

  • Woman with Rescue Ranch in Statesville works in Bahamas with International Animal Welfare Fund

    Krissie Newman stays busy with her work at Rescue Ranch in Statesville, but she has also contributed her time to disaster rescue training. Recently, she spent a week in Abacos Island to help animals who survived Hurricane Dorian, working with International Animal Welfare Fund (IAWF). “It’s been a nice organization to be a part of, and to know that you’re going in and everyone is doing it for the right reasons,” she said. The scope of the devastation is something […]

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    JAMESTOWN, N.C. — Sparky Foundation is holding its inaugural Triad Shelter and Rescue Dog Show/Adoption Fair at City Lake Park in Jamestown. Come out Saturday, Sept. 28, between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Admission is free. “Dogs, you put them on a leash or put them behind a cage, and they can be totally different animals than when you can interact with them and see them in their element, having fun,” says Melissa Young, a co-organizer of this event. She […]

  • High Point Central student invites Ruff Love dogs to run with cross-country team

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — Spencer Burton is a sophomore at High Point Central. He loves dogs and he loves to run, so he thought, “why not do them both?” He contacted Ruff Love Dog Rescue to see if they might want to bring some of their dogs out for a run with his cross-country team. Ruff Love’s director, Sue Rogers, was impressed with his initiative. “Obviously Spencer’s heart is with animals so we’re thrilled about that.” The result was two-legged […]

  • Bakers at arcBARKS in Greensboro introduce new flavor to their clients: Pumpkin Barkers

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — The bakers at arcBARKS in Greensboro have a new flavor to introduce to their clients:  Pumpkin Barkers. “The pumpkin treats are fairly healthy for the dogs,” says Don Scales, “They’re all-natural. Pumpkin can be good for your dog’s digestion.” The master baker and new assistant director, Andrea Smith, has engineered the healthy, new recipe to be free of wheat, corn and soy.  The result is a healthy treat that is great for dogs who might be sensitive […]

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