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Bob always knew he was meant to live in North Carolina, it just took him a while to get here. He was born and raised in Chicago and went to the University of Missouri for Journalism school. After working in the “real world” for a year, he went back for his graduate degree in broadcast journalism and two days after graduating, found himself driving to North Carolina for a job as a sportscaster in Greenville. From there, he went to Washington State to be a sportscaster for a couple of years, before finding his way back to the Piedmont and making the switch to covering news.

You can see most of Bob’s work on the FOX8 10:00 News, and sometimes on our other newscasts. You’ll also see Bob filling in as an anchor occasionally. Politics, philosophy and literature are among his favorite subjects to read and discuss, when he’s not playing soccer or spending time with his wife, Jean-Marie, and their 4 children.

Recent Articles
  • ‘The Day Helen Disappeared’ – FOX8 original series investigates North Carolina’s oldest missing person case

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — She is now simply case 22752. An old, brown folder, with some typed pages and the description of how Helen Dalton simply disappeared. Helen was 52 years old on April 3 of 1963. It was a different time in America – much more innocent. John F. Kennedy was still our president, few Americans knew where Vietnam was and it was sunny and warm when Helen and her 14-year-old daughter, Bonnie, got in the car, that day. “She […]

  • Group of lawyers travel around NC, offer legal advice for free from RV

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — It’s not exactly what you expect to see at the lonely end of the parking lot. Yet there it is: a 40-foot RV with types of law, written on the side, “workman’s comp, personal injury, criminal defense,” that sort of thing. “So, we’ve been in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Knightdale and here,” said Justin Osborn, as he traipses out of the RV door. “Here,” in this case, is Greensboro. Along with two of his three partners (hey, somebody […]

  • Guilford County program helps teens find apprenticeships

    In this era, in which it seems almost every high school kid wants to sign a letter of intent to play a sport in college, Guilford County seems to have found a way to tap into that feeling. When a major recruit signs with the big, local school, TV stations often show the, “signing ceremony,” live. The athlete pulls on the hat with the logo of the chosen school and the crowd applauds. So the Guilford Apprenticeship Program thought, “What […]

  • Wake Forest University professor researches ways to protect the Amazon

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — For 20 years, Miles Silman has watched as the last great rain forests on the planet slowly shrink. Sometimes, it’s because they’re being logged for their timber. “They’re also being converted to agriculture,” Silman said. “As we add more and more people to the planet, we have to feed them and some of the last arable land is in tropics and so tropical forests are being converted into soybean fields.” Silman studies this as a professor of […]

  • Local rocket man recounts experience working on Apollo IX

    If you were a tobacco farmer in the 1950s in Randolph County, you didn’t often look beyond the horizon. Although it was difficult and demanding work, it paid well and was so consuming you really didn’t have time to think of much else. But, from an early age, Ellis Whitt had ideas beyond the golden leaf. “I think it was in 8th grade, I told him, ‘Dad, I’m going to be an engineer,’” Whitt said. “He didn’t know what an […]

  • DNA test helps FOX8’s Chad Tucker find cousin, reunites sisters who have been apart more than 50 years

    There is something in our DNA that constantly pulls us toward knowing who we are and where we came from. And for Cindy Cline, there was a hole in her story. “I was adopted when I was 18 months old,” Cline said. “I was told that my mother was from North Carolina and she couldn’t keep me, for some reason, so I was put up for adoption.” Meanwhile, there had long been a mystery in Chad Tucker’s family. Yes, that […]

  • Duke Talent Identification Program identifies academically talented children

    It’s not the kind of scene you’d expect from teenagers. There are about a dozen of them, enthusiastically talking about archaeology and anthropology — in the middle of the summer. Just as America’s colleges and universities scan the landscape for the most talented football and basketball players, they just as diligently (though, admittedly in a less high-profile way) scan the nation for its most academically gifted. Since 1980, Duke University has been bringing those students under its wing with its […]

  • Local DWI courts sorting through hundreds of cases

    On a Thursday morning in Courtroom 1D of the Guilford County Courthouse, Judge Tabatha Holliday is all business. “The verdict of the court is guilty of driving while impaired. Show that there is one grossly aggravating factor,” she tells her courtroom. “Surrender any driver’s license today to the clerk of courts. Not operate a motor vehicle until you’re licensed to do so or have a valid privilege.” She is working one of Guilford County’s two, dedicated DWI courtrooms. “Four and […]

  • Farmers promote buying local, 2019 Davidson County Farm Tour

    DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Humans have been farming for 12,000 years. And it’s amazing how little it has changed. Sure, we have new hybrid seeds, big machines to cut down on the workload. But if you talk to people doing the farming that is considered most innovative today, it’s surprising how much it looks like what was done years ago. “We weed with hoes, we weed with knives, we weed with rakes,” said Charles Leonard, of Gentle Harmony Organic Herb […]

  • Cone Health works to fix racial disparities in health care

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — It was there all the time. It’s just that it seems few people wanted to see it. For decades, even though African-Americans were treated in hospitals where white Americans were treated, they weren’t treated the same. Christina Yongue saw it with her own mother, who died just before Yongue’s first child was born. “It was devastating,” remembers Yongue, about trying to help her mother navigate her illness. “I was visiting her with appointments and saw where there […]

  • High Point woman who worked at NASA speaks on Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — It was an island of unity in an otherwise tumultuous time. The 1960s were similar to our time now, when the country seemed very divided over big questions, like the Vietnam War and Civil Rights. But there was one thing that seemed to bring the country together: the space program. “It was like a whole new world,” said Pat Neal, about her time working in public affairs at NASA and its predecessor, NACA, the National Advisory […]

  • Local man finds fame on YouTube with car reviews

    Kyle Lindsey spent a lot of money – not to mention, a lot of time – earning his Ph.D. in pharmacology. And then success got in the way. Lindsey made videos describing the cars that came into his father Bill Lindsey’s car lot in Reidsville. “It was just to have a job while I was in medical school so I could have something fun to do on the side,” Lindsey said. And then he figured out he could not just […]

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