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Bob always knew he was meant to live in North Carolina, it just took him a while to get here. He was born and raised in Chicago and went to the University of Missouri for Journalism school. After working in the “real world” for a year, he went back for his graduate degree in broadcast journalism and two days after graduating, found himself driving to North Carolina for a job as a sportscaster in Greenville. From there, he went to Washington State to be a sportscaster for a couple of years, before finding his way back to the Piedmont and making the switch to covering news.

You can see most of Bob’s work on the FOX8 10:00 News, and sometimes on our other newscasts. You’ll also see Bob filling in as an anchor occasionally. Politics, philosophy and literature are among his favorite subjects to read and discuss, when he’s not playing soccer or spending time with his wife, Jean-Marie, and their 4 children.

Recent Articles
  • Local marketing firm holds ‘Create-A-Thon’ to help nonprofits

    It’s one thing to write a check. It’s another to leave your blood, sweat and creative tears on a project. Ged and Matt King prefer the latter. In 1983, their father began a marketing firm Ged and Matt now run, called SFW. Around 9/11, Matt read about a similar firm in South Carolina that did something special for their community: They spent 24 consecutive hours doing work for local nonprofits that those operations otherwise weren’t likely to be able to […]

  • Students learning about cybersecurity at High Point University

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — As the world gets more sophisticated, so do our games. And our war games. On any given day, the monitor in one of the computer science labs at High Point University shows the tens of millions of cyber attacks that are being detected by those trying to prevent them. It’s daunting to watch the number climb. High Point computer science student Nathan Markle calls it “an arms race.” “The attackers get smarter and you have to […]

  • Elizabeth Warren makes stop at North Carolina A&T State University

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren made a stop at North Carolina A&T State University on Thursday, backing up her recent “Medicare For All” plan and how to pay for it. Warren claims it will cost $22 trillion over the first 10 years, though other analysts put that number at almost $60 trillion. Warren says she can pay for it all with existing health care revenues plus a 2 percent tax on the top .01 percent of people […]

  • Pain lingers from Greensboro massacre 40 years later

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — It seems to be one of the most talked-about events of the last century in Greensboro. Nov. 3 was a foggy Saturday that year. But as the fog burned away, the day only got murkier. There had been tension in Greensboro for decades – racial tension from Jim Crow and then, as that began to melt away, from other tensions as whites and blacks competed for the same jobs, many of them in the textile mills. “Jobs […]

  • High Point woman adopted after birth – who may be unlikely princess – writes memoir

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — There is a desire in every human to know where they came from. Shirene Gentry knew she was adopted when she was young – somewhere between 7 months and maybe a year. She was born in Iran but has no birth certificate. In fact, almost everything about her life is more story than documented. She grew up in Virginia and went to Wake Forest University, met her husband there and they’ve happily raised a family in […]

  • North Carolina A&T mushroom researcher hopes to revolutionize livestock feed industry

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — “This is the mushroom room,” said Professor Omoanghe Isikhuemhen, as he unlocks the door to his lab at North Carolina A&T. “And this is called the oyster mushroom.” Dr. Omon, as he’s known around campus, knows a thing or two about mushrooms. He grew up hunting them near his home in Nigeria. And he learned some things at a young age. “You can make money out of mushrooms because you can grow them, very fast,” he said. […]

  • When it comes to CBD, be selective in choosing products

    In an era when we’re finding some people are wrongly convicted of crimes, the plant hemp — if it had a brain — might say it knows how they feel. “Unfortunately, hemp got thrown under the bus with marijuana,” Clayton Halls said. “Because, back in 1937, the climate there was that the prohibition of alcohol had come to an end and they needed a new enemy that they created and hemp just happened to be right there.” And, for the […]

  • Shared Kitchen in Greensboro helps food entrepreneurs operate small businesses

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — The more sophisticated modern life gets, the more removed most people are from their food source. The Out of the Garden Project wants to change that. Out of the Garden is already the biggest non-governmental provider of food in Guilford County – a feat that simply grew out of Kristy and Don Milholin listening to their kids about who they went to elementary school with during the 2008-2009 school year. Although they already provide hundreds of thousands […]

  • FOX8’s Bob Buckley sits down with N.C. Sen. Cal Cunningham

    At age 27, Cal Cunningham became one of North Carolina’s youngest people to ever be elected to the state Senate. Soon after, though, 9/11 rocked America and Cunningham felt called to serve. He enlisted in the Army and served as a Judge Advocate General in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He announced, last year, that he would run for lieutenant governor of North Carolina but has since changed his mind. He is now running for the Democratic nomination for the US […]

  • Triad family uses herding dogs to solve Nene bird problem in Hawaii

    Your parents probably told you that there’s no substitute for the best — and the United States government found that out when they ran into a problem. When wildlife and people begin to encroach on each other’s territory in a way that needs to be dealt with, the US Department of Agriculture gets involved. That’s exactly what happened when there was a problem with the Nene bird in Hawai’i. That problem began more than half a century ago. That’s when […]

  • FOX8’s Bob Buckley sits down with incumbent U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis

    Incumbent U.S. Senator Thom Tillis sat down with FOX8 recently to discuss a wide variety of topics as he looks to win re-election in 2020. Tillis has not just a primary battle but several recent polls show him either in a virtual tie or narrowly behind two of his potential Democratic rivals in this race. Since impeachment seems to be the topic that everyone is talking about in Washington, we asked Senator Tillis if he has made up his mind […]

  • Craft brewing is booming in North Carolina

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Over the last decade or so, beer has become very big business. But ask the guy who oversees the Craft Brewers Guild in North Carolina and he’ll tell you that’s not how to think of it at all. “We’re a lot of small, family-run businesses,” said Rich Greene, executive director of the NC Craft Brewers Guild. Greene is referring to families like the Odens. Bill and Jan Oden are heading up the new brewery on Gate City […]

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