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  • Violent break-in causing family to move from Winston-Salem home

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A family of five is now searching for a new home after a violent break-in. Amanda Kjelson and her three kids were home when four men with guns came through her unlocked front door and demanded money and drugs. Kjelson says she tried to tell them she didn’t have any drugs, but they tore the home apart. The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the break-in and says the four suspects are still out there. Kjelson says […]

  • Greensboro Parks and Rec reminds boaters to stay safe on the water

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Memorial Day weekend is one of the busiest times of the year at Greensboro’s city lakes. Hundreds of people came out to Lake Brandt to rent paddle boards, canoes, kayaks and boats. Michael Romano is the City of Greensboro Lake Supervisor and says exhaustion is often a problem causer for people who are on the water for a long period of time. “They didn’t bring enough water, they get dehydrated, the sun is beating down on them […]

  • Greensboro Marine to stand at attention on Memorial Day again

    GREENSBORO, N.C. – Last Memorial Day, FOX8 did a story on U.S. Marine and Former Greensboro Assistant Fire Chief Skip Nix, who stood on the side of Wendover Avenue in Greensboro saluting fallen service members. The story was posted again on Facebook, leading up to the Memorial Day holiday and spread across the country. It has more than 1,500,000 views, 60,000 shares, 30,000 reactions and 2,000 comments. We spoke with Nix, who says he is surprised by the magnitude of the reaction, and […]

  • Piedmont grandmother to be deported after decades in US

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Juana Ortega has lived in the United States for more than 20 years. She came here to escape violence in Guatemala and received asylum status. She married a US citizen and now has two children and grandchildren who are citizens. Ortega had to leave suddenly when her daughter back in Guatemala got deathly ill. Ortega didn’t have time to wait weeks for permission to leave and her asylum was revoked. She came back to the United States […]

  • Greensboro teen fighting genetic disease to graduate on time

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — Kiara Miles has dealt with Blount’s disease her entire life. It’s a genetic disease that causes her shin bones to grow the wrong direction, which leads to severe bow-leggedness. Kiara missed an entire semester of her freshman year at The Middle College at Bennett and had to do a lot of work at home. Now she will be graduating on time and has become the president of a student club. Kiara is known around campus for her […]

  • Sinkhole problem at Lockland Park in Winston-Salem

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — James Stone, 13, has lived in the Ardmore neighborhood of Winston-Salem almost his entire life. Many of his favorite childhood memories are at Lockland Park, situated right in the middle of the old neighborhood. But more than a year ago, two sinkholes formed at one end of the park, forcing the city to take away the swings, monkey bars and a slide. “It’s sad kind of seeing how I played here a lot when I was little […]

  • Greensboro Human Relations Commission votes to recommend releasing Jose Charles bodycam video

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greensboro Human Relations Commission discussed several police-community relations issues and the commission’s ability to impact them Monday night. For nearly three hours, much of the conversation centered around the Jose Charles case. The commission voted unanimously to ask the city council to direct the city attorney to do what he can to get the body camera video from Jose Charles arrest released to the public. Some commissioners questioned the effectiveness of Chair Zac Engle when he […]

  • Preservation Greensboro working to save Egyptian Revival building, other historical buildings

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — “We have a lot of history and culture in Greensboro and that’s really what makes Greensboro different than Durham and Charlotte and Raleigh,” says Preservation Greensboro Executive Director Benjamin Briggs. Making sure the city’s historical architecture is around to keep Greensboro different is what Briggs and Preservation Greensboro do. “We look out for the one-eyed cats and three-legged dogs of the building world,” Briggs says. Right now he’s trying to save the Christian Advocate Publishing Company building […]

  • Piedmont father to be deported after living, working in US for 2 decades; family calls deportation a ‘death sentence’

    GREENSBORO, N.C. – Andy Marchi decided to become a City of Greensboro firefighter because his parents always told him to think of others. “My dad and mom always taught me to put others in front of myself,” he said. Marchi saves lives for a living, but right now there’s one life he can’t save and that’s his dad’s. “I can’t really help him out. That’s kind of rough and it really hurts,” he said. His dad, Nestor Marchi, is an […]

  • Program that helps feed Guilford County students expands in High Point

    HIGH POINT, N.C. — The mission of Out of the Garden Project in Guilford County is to make sure children have enough food to help them successfully through the school day. Thanks to the High Point Community Foundation, Out of the Garden now has seven drop-off sites in the city. A member of in-need households in the area line up once a month to get 65 pounds of food. It may sound like a lot, but Don Milholin, the Executive […]

  • App in the works to help Greensboro area fight opioid overdoses

    GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greensboro Area Health Education Center, known as AHEC, is working on a new cellphone app to help fight the opioid overdose crisis. In 2015, 33,000 people died from an opioid overdose in the United States, the most ever in history. Guilford County is not immune to the problem. “Just in Guilford County for instance you have about 80 pills that are being prescribed, opiates, for each person who lives in Guilford County. Think of that,” said […]

  • Davidson County Sheriff’s Office creates home security camera database

    DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. — Security cameras are now a mainstay in law enforcement investigations. “One thing I like to say is you can’t lie about being caught on camera so if you’re on camera it’s paramount for an investigation,” said Det. Michael Hurd, with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office. Hurd investigates a lot of property crimes in his section of the county. Typically it’s a home or car break-in. “I would ride the area where that crime happened and look […]

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