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Found a walnut-shaped mass on your Christmas tree? It might contain hundreds of praying mantises!

ERIE COUNTY, Ohio — It may look like a nut, but it is very, very, very much so not a nut.

If you spot one of these walnut-sized masses on your Christmas tree, clip it and toss it outside.

If you don’t, you might accidentally unleash hundreds of praying mantises upon your home.

Erie County in Ohio took to Facebook to warn homeowners that these small, egg-shaped pods can hold anywhere from 100 to 200 praying mantis eggs.

“Don’t bring them inside they will hatch and starve!” the county said.

On our Facebook post, FOX8 viewers shared their own horror stories.

“Happened to our tree a few years ago,” one viewer said. “Luckily they came out when we were taking it down after Christmas. Never seen so many! Looked like our floor was moving!”

Another viewer said, “I actually had this happen to me several years ago… I woke up and had them crawling everywhere!!!”

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