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How to make the holiday better for your little ones

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In Mommy Matters, we are looking at four ways to make the holiday better for your little ones.

According to the Child Mind Institute, don't focus on giving gifts.

Make the focus on memories.

When your children are grown, they probably won't remember what they found under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

They will remember the time they helped mom make Christmas cookies or how they spent a Saturday making presents.

Let your children help you when they can, wrapping presents, setting the table for dinner or putting up some of the decorations.

That will keep the children occupied and make them feel like they are doing something important.

Stick to their routines as much as possible and keep things like dinner and bedtime as close as normal as you can.

And remember, they are children and may fidget during long services.

If you are visiting a relative for dinner, they may not want to eat what's on their plate.

Don't sweat the small stuff.

Let them be children and enjoy the holidays together while making memories that will last a lifetime.

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