Groom-to-be killed while charging armed gunman during bachelor party

(Getty Images)

INDIANAPOLIS — A woman was planning her wedding. Now, she’s planning a funeral, WXIN reports.

Christopher Smith was out at Jake’s Pub in Indianapolis, celebrating his upcoming marriage with a bachelor’s party.

“He made a big turnaround in his life and gave his life to God and he and my sister were due to be married. He was very, very happy,” said Shanon Singer-Mann, the sister of Smith’s would-be bride and the pastor of his church, according to WXIN.

The situation took a turn, however, when Smith and others overheard people shouting, “This guy has got a gun. Call the cops. This guy has a gun.”

“When they did that, my brother-in-law jumped up and tried to charge the guy to try and keep him from doing anything,” Singer-Mann said.

Smith was shot and killed, but no one else was injured.

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