Disabled veteran says his family was kicked out of their North Carolina home because of his 4 service dogs

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. – A disabled veteran said he’s getting evicted because of his service dogs, WNCN reports.

“We have no idea what we are going to do,” William Hughes said.

He said he turned to CBS 17 with hopes of preventing this from happening to another family. Hughes said he has rented his home at Taylors Creek mobile home park in Fayetteville for years.

“We had paid on time every month for six years.”

The Army veteran said problems started after new management took over this year.

“They want to get rid of us because we have service animals and it exceeds what they call community standard,” Hughes said.

He has paperwork for his four service dogs. He said they help with PTSD, anxiety, and balance issues.

Hughes’ roommate also has two service dogs. There are also two other dogs living there for a total of eight dogs. They’ve lived this way for several years — without a problem aside from one neighbor complaint, Hughes said.

Company policy allows up to two pets per home.

“It boils down to the service animals, and they just found a legal loophole to put us out,” Hughes said.

Hughes admitted the company has a legal right to kick them out, but he doesn’t think it’s right.

The family rents month to month. Their rental agreement is not getting renewed. They have to be out by the end of November.

“I feel like I’m failing my family.”

Managers did not want to talk on camera but said the family is getting evicted because they haven’t paid rent in months. According to paperwork the company sent the family, the pet policy is being violated.

Hughes admitted he didn’t pay rent in August because he said they refused to make needed repairs to the home, which included some water damage to the ceiling.

According to paperwork from Cumberland County inspectors, the house was deemed substandard and violating code.

Hughes said he wanted to move prior due to the ongoing issues, but didn’t have enough money.

He plans to move his family into a hotel until they find another place.

“We may go to a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner. That’s about it, and then come straight back to finish packing,” Hughes said.

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