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88-year-old veteran saves child from pit bull attack

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STARK COUNTY, OHIO -- An 88-year-old military veteran saved a child from a dog attack in Ohio, WOIO reports.

Leonard Miller was at home when one of his neighbors, a 13-year-old girl, told him the family's pit bull was attacking her 10-year-old sister.

"He had her and just shaking her and growling and I hit the dog in the head I don't know how many times," Miller said. "It didn't phase that dog. Didn't phase it."

Miller said he went into the home and hit the dog with a Christmas decoration four or five times on the head, but he couldn't give up on the little girl, so he started swinging again.

"So I got it and I hit on the back several times and it released the little girl then," Miller said.

The dog backed off for a moment, but it appeared to Miller that the dog was going to attack again.

It was at this point that the girls ran out of the house.

Miller then backed out of the back door and called for an ambulance.

He'll never forget what he saw and heard when he went in that house.

"And then this little girl was screaming. She was just screaming at the top of her voice," Miller said.

Miller served in the Army in the Korean War and was trained as a medic.

He says he doesn't like to be called a hero.

Miller says the little girl is going to be fine and doctors were able to save her arm.

As for the dog, officials have not given an update on what will happen to it.

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