Man dies of broken neck after chiropractic treatment

(Stock image/Getty)

YORK, England — The family of an 80-year-old man who died after a chiropractic visit is pushing for an unlawful killing verdict, the BBC reports.

John Lawler, 80, died in a hospital a day after a visit to Chiropractic 1st in York in 2017.

Lawler had a fracture to his cervical spine.

Police ruled out criminal charges but Lawler’s family said the chiropractor’s response to his injury amounted to gross negligence and allows for a possible unlawful killing verdict.

During Lawler’s 2017 chiropractic treatment, he moaned and said he couldn’t feel his arms, then fell unresponsive.

The chiropractor moved him onto a chair and gave him mouth-to-mouth until first responders arrived.

Responding paramedic Eleanor Davies said if she had been given more information about what happened from the chiropractor, she would have treated Lawler as a trauma patient and stabilized his neck.

The inquest into the incident continues.

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