Woman killed by 8-foot python that wrapped around her neck, autopsy finds

Burmese python (RHONA WISE/AFP via Getty Images)

OXFORD, Ind. — Indiana State Police say they are currently investigating after an Indiana woman was found dead with a python around her neck, WTHR reports.

Autopsy results show the woman was killed when the snake strangled her and she asphyxiated, police say.

Deputies responded around 9 p.m. Wednesday when they got a report of an unresponsive woman in a home.

They found Laura Hurst, 36, lying on the floor with an 8-foot python wrapped around her neck.

She was then pronounced dead by medical officials.

She reportedly had more than 20 snakes and her friends said she was a passionate advocate for snakes.

“Most of them were rescues that were brought to her,” said Cameron Logan, a friend. “She just couldn’t turn them away.”

Logan teaches about snakes and says Hurst was experienced with the animals.

“She knew her stuff. She knew what she was doing,” Logan said. “She didn’t fear any of them.”

Police say they are still trying to figure out the exact details surrounding Hurst’s death.

“She got this other snake out, I do not believe belonged to her, but she got the snake out and what happened after that we are still trying to figure out,” said Sgt. Kim Riley, a public information officer.

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