A couple met on Halloween, got engaged on Halloween and now had a baby on Halloween

(Stock image - Getty Images)

AUSTIN, TEXAS — A couple in Texas have a history of good things happening to them on the scariest holiday of the year, but this Halloween was more special than usual, KVUE reports.

After meeting on Halloween and later getting engaged on Halloween, Jessica Kessinger and Tim Simon welcomed their daughter into the world during Thursday’s holiday.

The newest addition to their family, Emery, was supposed to be born Nov. 16 but made her grand arrival at 7:57 a.m. Thursday instead when she was born at a hospital in Austin.

Kessinger and Simon say they connected instantly and bonded over their shared love of dressing up for Halloween over the years.

“When we met each other, we realized we both love to do that so over the years we’ve made a big deal about Halloween throwing parties,” Kissenger said. “It symbolizes a shared hobby and love that we have.”

The family plan to celebrate Emery with celebrations for her birth on Halloween.

“She’s going to have a birthday party every year and maybe even a haunted house,” Kessinger said.

They even have Emery’s first costume idea lined up: a flamingo.

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