Woman shoots into KFC drive-thru window after not being given fork, napkin, witnesses say


SHELBYVILLE, Ky. — Police are investigating after a woman fired into a drive-thru window at a KFC Monday, WLKY reports.

Witnesses say the woman fired because she wasn’t given a fork and napkin.

“I just can’t even think about what was going through their head to pull out a gun and shoot a window. It’s scary,” said Charlene Witt, the manager of the Subway across from KFC.

Witt was inside Subway when witnesses say the shooting happened.

“I had a regular customer come in and say, ‘Did you hear about what just happened at KFC?’ I was, like, ‘No.’ He was, like, ‘Someone just shot the window out over here,'” Witt said.

Shelbyville police were called to the KFC after a reported shooting, according to Shelby County dispatch.

A message taped to the door of the KFC said the restaurant was closed Monday evening but didn’t say why.

A KFC spokesperson released a statement, saying:

“First and foremost we are grateful that no one was injured. We are working with local authorities as they investigate the incident.”

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