Florida woman says someone dumped trashcan full of bees in her yard

Illegal dumping again in Lee County, but this time someone left a surprise swarming inside. A Lehigh Acres woman reached out to Fox 4 after she noticed a trashcan full of bees in her yard.

LEHIGH ACRES, Fla. — A Lehigh Acres woman reached out after she noticed a trashcan full of bees in her yard, WFTX reports.

“I was mad because first off, it made the neighborhood look really trashy, and I’m thinking why wouldn’t they just deal with it on their own?” she asked.

So she asked Lee County officials to pick it up.

“They were like nope! That’s your problem. You need to call a beekeeper, and once you remove the bees, then we’ll come get our can,” she said.

She said a representative told her they wouldn’t be able to move it in order to keep their employees safe. But she said she’s concerned for her neighbors’ safety.

“If they’re walking past that, they can get stung by a bee. What if they have an allergic reaction?” She asked.

Marcelo Lang of Affordable Bee and Critter Solutions said it looks like a small animal maybe a raccoon cleared out the beehive, took the queen bee with it and left only about 50 to 100 bees behind. He said neighbors in the area have nothing to worry about.

“No queen, no colony. They don’t have anything to defend, so they’re not going to be aggressive,” Lang said.

So he cleaned up the rest, which he said were going to die within a matter of days anyway without the hive to look after.

Someone from Lee County Solid Waste collected the trash can Monday afternoon.

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