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Alarming driver caught on camera aggressively passing school bus in Davidson County

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Davidson County Highway Patrol representatives are warning drivers to be on the lookout.

They announced that there could be an increase in patrol officers, specifically along the Lexington Avenue area near High Point.

This news came after they were made aware of cellphone video that shows a driver speeding past a school bus in a no-passing zone.

The video was shot by John David Harris and his 12-year old son between 7:15 a.m. and 7:20 a.m. Tuesday.

The two began to film after a black vehicle is said to have sped past them along Lexington Avenue. Harris was taking his son to school at Ledford Middle just four miles away.

“It's scary. Something like this can cost a life,” Harris said.

He explained that the black car then began to get “bumper-to-bumper” with a school bus.

John said it was School Bus 71, which he and his son occasionally follow to Ledford Middle School.

As the bus passed Bennington Way, the black car can be seen speeding over a double yellow line and into the oncoming lanes of traffic. It then speeds back into the correct lane.

“My heart dropped and my son was sitting right beside me. He was thinking, 'what if somebody got hurt,'” Harris said.

The father also explained that the bus stopped to pick up a 13-year old girl just seconds after the video stopped recording.

“If the car would’ve waited and went a little further, the bus would have been stopping and would have hit that little girl," Harris said.

He shared the video with Davidson County Highway Patrol, alerting the Davidson County School District about the incident, and contacted High Point police.

Highway patrol representatives tell FOX8 that they also received an alert from the school bus driver of the incident.

They are investigating.

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