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Asheboro neighbors upset over speeders

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- How fast do cars go by your house?

People living in one neighborhood in Asheboro say they're fed up with people cutting through their street and speeding.

"This neighborhood is very hilly and it's hard to see what's on the other side of the hill," said Barry Stutts, a resident.

He says people also speed.

Each and every morning, he walks with his young granddaughters to the bus stop, with a flashing light, to alert drivers that they're there.

Cars even whizzed by when FOX8 was interviewing Stutts.

"Look how close he's coming," Stutts said mid-interview. "He looks like he's going to hit me."

Stutts thinks the speed limit should be lower than the posted 35 miles per hour.

Armed with a baseball radar gun, FOX8 stood out on Brookdale Drive and clocked cars going by.

Some cars did go over the speed limit, but others also slowed down when they saw FOX8.

"It's not a matter about the speed limit per se," said Tim Buck, a resident. "It's when you get on top of the hill, most people don't apply brakes."

He has lived in his home for more than 35 years.

"It's becoming a game. Who's coming fast, who's coming slow," Buck said.

He's seen it all and hopes something will change.

"The two people across the street have had their mailboxes removed by cars coming down the hill," Buck said. "Signage, lines on the road, little things like that would help."

Because of the hills, FOX8 is told that speed bumps aren't really an option.

FOX8 spoke with Asheboro police who say there's no easy solution and sitting out to clock speeders is only a quick fix.

Police say they will be doing a survey soon to find out what neighbors think may help.

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