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Couple in Randolph County raises Brahman cattle

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- It's not the type of cattle you'd expect to find on a farm in North Carolina.

"People go really slow when they pass by our farm," said Cyana Briles, who raises registered American Brahmans with her husband Kenneth. “People go really slow when these cows are in our front pastures.”

The long-eared breed has a distinctive look and by seeing how they interact with people they can't get enough attention.

“[Spartacus] is coming in for his close-up,” Briles said. “These are really just overgrown puppy dogs.”

Spartacus, an 1,800-pound bull, is hard to ignore. “He is three years old and he was born here.”

In addition to being friendly, they are also known to be quite hardy.

“Ranchers in South Texas, at the turn of the century, wanted cattle that would thrive in their environment,” Briles said. “So the American Brahman is the first cattle created and registered in the country.”

The Briles are trying to get the word out about the breed.

“Everybody needs a Brahman,” Briles said. “We are never going to get rich raising cattle so we might as well raise Brahman.”

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