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Deputy steps in, saves Halloween for 6-year-old boy in NC after fire destroys home

After a Edneyville families lost everything when their home was destroyed in a fire, a Henderson County deputy stepped in to make sure the boy still had a costume for Halloween.

EDNEYVILLE, N.C. — A charred frame is all that remains of a family of four’s home, hours after their RV went up in flames Monday morning, WLOS reports.

“They had left to take the 6-year-old to school, and then the neighbor had saw that their place on was fire,” said Edneyville Fire and Rescue Chief Robert Griffin.

Chief Griffin said it appears a space heater started the fire.

“I’ve seen a lot in the past, and this, just to see kids without, it really bothers you,” Henderson County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Tim Griffin said.

After speaking with the child as he and his family watched their home burn to the ground, Capt. Griffin was moved.

“He brought up his Batman Halloween costume,” Capt. Griffin said. “He hoped it wasn’t in the RV, and his grandmother kind of looked over at me, and told me that it was.”

Capt. Griffin said that prompted him to drive to Walmart and buy one.

“I got a utility belt, and a cape and a mask,” said 6-year-old Damon. “He’s my favorite superhero.”

“I just told him that sheriff’s deputies need all the Batmans, so that we can get out here helping fight crime,” Capt. Griffin said. “You see a lot of bad, and you get a chance to maybe put a little bit of good into a bad situation. It’s nice to be able to do that once in a while.”

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