NC organization pushes officials to allow registered sex offenders at State Fair

N.C. State Fair stock photo

RALEIGH, N.C. — An NC group that works for the benefit of registered sex offenders is asking NC officials to reconsider the law that bans those listed on the sex offender registry from attending the State Fair, WRAL reports.

A 2016 law bans registered sex offenders from going to any fairground in NC while an agricultural fair is happening.

A Raleigh based organization, North Carolinians for Rational Sexual Offense Laws, says that public safety resources are better spent fighting threats like Legionnaire’s diseases and are “being wasted” tracking sex offenders.

Robin Vander Wall, the founder and president of NCRSOL, says that not allowing sex offenders from fairs is a “feel-good” law that makes the lives of those who have finished their sentences more difficult.

NC law bars registered sex offenders from places like schools or playgrounds that exist for minors or the care of minors.

The law also says they are barred from places like fairs and amusement parks where minors frequently gather.

This year, the NC State Fair will be held in Raleigh Oct. 17-27.

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