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High school forgoes gender roles as 2 girls become ‘homecoming royalty’

MILFORD, Ohio — The reign of the homecoming king and queen is over, and a new era of homecoming “royalty” is just beginning at an Ohio high school.

When a girl was elected by her classmates to become this year’s “homecoming king,” Milford High School decided it was time to do away with the gendering of their tradition.

On Friday, the school congratulated Abbey Stropes and Trinity Miller and crowned them “homecoming royalty.”

“This change in terminology was made to reflect the voice of Milford’s student body and to ensure all students have the opportunity to feel included,” the high school said in a Facebook post.

Students nominate and vote on their homecoming royalty as individuals, not couples. This is how a female student became a contender for the school’s homecoming king. That same student went on to win the seat.

“I fully support the voice and choice demonstrated by our students in selecting this year’s Homecoming Royalty,” said Milford High School Principal Josh Kauffman.

Milford High School plans to continue using the gender-neutral language going forward and allow any two seniors, regardless of gender, to be crowned as the school’s royal pair.

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