Untimely Randolph County power outages affect over 1,500

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- Power outages in Randolph County left more than 1,500 homes without electricity as well as several businesses and schools Wednesday morning.

“I thought we were going to be there all day,” Randleman High junior Steven Linin said.

Students spent the morning in hot classrooms without air conditioning at Randleman High School.

“It was very hot and humid and sweaty,” Steven said.

The high school and Randleman Middle School were both without power all morning.

Steven said they couldn’t use the restrooms.

Both Randleman high and middle schools released early.

“Relieving. Everybody didn’t want to be at school because it was just so hot. We couldn’t do anything in the classroom, you know, you need lights and WiFi and all that,” Steven said.

Duke energy tells FOX8 the outages started with three limbs damaging equipment in Sophia Tuesday evening.

Crews rerouted power to customers while making repairs, but the outage spread through Randleman because of an equipment problem.

Customers saw power come on and go back off multiple times.

“When your air goes off you go crazy. You know how it is,” said Harvey Bunting, of Randleman. “Ninety-three degrees and I said oh God and I ain’t got no air.”

It didn’t just make people sweat, it made a mother spend over the budget.

“It is hard. It’s hard as a mom knowing I have to go to work and knowing they can’t cook anything and that money has to be spent because they need to eat,” said Patricia Morse, a mom of Randleman High students.

Power was restored in Randolph County on Wednesday afternoon.

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