Students find art in nature at Miracle Grounds in Winston-Salem

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Excitement and laughter fill the air at Crossnore School & Children's Home in Winston-Salem.

This may just be a fifth graders dream field trip. They get their hands dirty while learning.

Eric Mathis, the Miracle Grounds network coordinator, says its all about connections.

"What we do is we get them connecting with the soil to basically understand where our food is coming from. But also what's really cool about it is there are some healthy bacteria in there that makes us happy. Scientists have found that it stimulates serotonin," said Mathis.

The students from Southwest Elementary agree.

They toured the farm and the Miracle Grounds, planting flowers that they will later use in art projects. Their teacher, Tammy Cables. says it brings art out of the classroom and shows the students it can be anywhere.

"One of my goals for the field trip, of course, is to let them see that we don't just sit down and draw beautiful pictures, but we can come out and share with everybody and use the community and our city," said Cables.

The students found inspiration all over the farm, sketching cows and hays and using Indigo leaves to give their art color.

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