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High Point police buy special vests for their K-9s

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Police dogs are a crucial part of any police department, and High Point is lucky to have nine.

“K-9s are important for the police department because we can use a police dog for narcotics detection,” said Master Police Officer Karl Wolf, a K-9 handler. “The dog can search faster and more efficiently for the evidence that we`re looking for."

Wolf and “Rudo” have been partners for almost a year. When they aren’t working the streets, they’re training with other local departments.

“Our training is much-needed to hone the skills of the veteran dogs and also to implement those skills in a young dog,” said Wolf.

And now, thanks to the High Point Community Foundation, new vests are part of the training too. They help the public quickly identify the dogs as police dogs and give their handlers the ability to pick up the dogs and carry them over fences.

“There's fastening points on the top and bottom of the dog, right in the middle of the back and chest, where you can put it on the dog and wear the dog as a backpack,” Wolf said. “In case you had to go up a steep ladder, a steep staircase and the dog couldn't make it, you could put the dog on your back and go up.”

The High Point Police Department now has four special K-9 vests, which retail for $800.

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