Breakthrough means cure for common cold may be on the way, scientists say

(Getty Images)

SAN FRANCISCO — Scientists in California believe the cure for the common cold could be right around the corner, KGO reports.

Scientists on teams at Stanford and the University of California, San Francisco announced an important first step to finding a cure.

They are disabling a specific protein inside human cells for a temporary amount of time.

What they discovered is that when the specific protein is disabled, common cold viruses stop spreading through the body.

“What we do is make the host inhospitable for these viruses,” said Jan Carette, PhD, a Stanford University associate professor. “So it’s much more difficult for these viruses to mutate around.”

Officials will now start working to create a drug that can disable the specific protein temporarily.

Human trials can start after a workable drug is created.

If the trials are successful, a common cold cure could potentially happen not long after.

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