Escaped sheep surprises Greensboro neighbors near Sedgefield Country Club

Data pix.

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Sedgefield subdivision of Greensboro has a neighborhood mascot as an escaped sheep struts its way through the streets.

Neighbors said that they spotted the sheep around the beginning of August.

It was photographed in people’s front yards eating grass, walking up driveways and sleeping in the shade.

“It’s a creature of God and it’s kind of found its place right now,” Norman Hamilton said. The sheep has taken a liking to Hamilton’s property over the past three weeks.

Norman said that he first spotted the sheep hiding in the woods near a small lake near the Sedgefield Country Club.

He has even seen it come up and sleep in his garden at night.

“It’ll be here for three to four, five, six hours. I’ve actually seen it on two occasions nodding off and closing its eyes,” he said.

No one knows exactly where the sheep came from, or how old it is.

Authorities have been called to remove the sheep, but have had little luck catching it.

Norman explained he and the neighborhood love the new neighbor, but hope that someone can find it a new home on a “farm or petting zoo.”

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