Chick-fil-A team leader saves man’s life on the job

Chick-fil-A (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — A South Bay Chick-fil-A team leader was hailed a hero after springing into action to save a man’s life Friday evening, KSWB reports.

Tauya Nenguke, 22, was assisting drive-thru guests at the Eastlake Terraces Chick-fil-A location when he noticed a 20-year-old man down, surrounded by frantic friends across the parking lot, according to Cheryl Shields, director of marketing and community relations for Eastlake Terraces Chick-fil-A.

Nenguke sprinted across the parking lot and immediately began chest compressions on the man. He had the victim’s friends call 911, Shields told FOX 5.

Paramedics arrived and were able to stabilize the victim and take him to a nearby hospital.

Nenguke credits his quick-thinking to his training in the pre-nursing program at Southwestern College, according to his Facebook page.

Nenguke has been a Team Leader at Eastlake Chick-fil-A since March 2018.

Paramedics told Nenguke if it wasn’t for him, the victim may not have survived.

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