Neglected dog gets new life


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OMAHA, Neb. -- The Nebraska Humane Society has given a severely neglected dog a new chance at life, WOWT reports.

Her owner recently died, and she was found by people who came to clean up the home.

Her matted hair weighed nearly as much as her body.

the 11-year-old Shih Tzu, named Ellie Mae, appears to love being the center of the action.

But times were tough for Ellie Mae.

Dr. Amber Horn, lead veterinarian at the Nebraska Humane Society said Ellie Mae "basically, just looked like it was a container of mops. dirty mops. And then we saw it move a little bit."

They realized the blob of hair was actually a dog.

Veterinarians and groomers quickly attended to Ellie Mae.

"Someone frantically waved me in here saying we need you," said Jenna Baseler, a shelter groomer.

She just started at the Nebraska Humane Society three weeks earlier.

"Really just getting through the matting. I thought the emotional part would be a challenge. I mean the emotions kind of came afterwards," Baseler said. "You just kind of just shut those emotions off and say I  need to help this dog. The three of us just shaving her down and finally found a dog under there."

Along with entangled hair, groomers found feces and other debris in the dog's coat.

Overall, they removed almost nine pounds of hair. Her nails on her paws were also around six inches long.

Unfortunately, seeing animals in distress is nothing new here, but the severity of Ellie Mae's case was extreme.

"Matted fur, the long toe nails, the severe dental disease : these are all things that we see through out the week. It's just a matter of how severe, how long its been going on. But she most certainly is the worst I've ever seen in terms of the volume of matting that she had," Dr. Horn said.

Today, Ellie Mae shows none of the effects of her condition as she's ready to be adopted and move forward with her life.


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