Thomasville city officials make improvements to abandoned Kern Street School

Data pix.

THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Thomasville city officials made improvements to the abandoned Kern Street School.

"This property is very high on our radar and we're going to make sure this property is maintained," said Kelly Craver, city manager.

The grass is cut, the trash is gone and broken windows and open doors are boarded up.

"We'll have to keep an eye on it and certainly continue to take care of it during the summer to make sure there are no further issues in the neighborhood," Craver said.

FOX8 started making calls to Thomasville city officials back in August after seeing complaints about this Kern Street property on social media. City crews re-inspected the building and sent a notice to the property owners. After not getting a response, they started the cleanup work you're paying for.

"We have cleaned this property up about 10 times over the last threes years for a total cost of the taxpayers of just over $4,500," Craver said.

Craver said there's not too much more they can do.

"It needs to be more than 50 percent damaged before we can condemn it. You can't really condemn the property just because it has debris or you need to mow the yard," Craver said.

City officials hope securing the property will make the community feel safer.

The city placed liens on the property because the owner has not paid for the work done. FOX8 spoke with the owners and they are not opposed to selling the building. The city manager said they have had some interest in the property.

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