Donations meant for Thomasville man battling cancer reported stolen

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Thomasville police are searching for the man they believe stole a plastic donation jug from a local restaurant last week.

On Friday, a man was seen dining at Terry House BBQ on Fisher Ferry Street.

Waitresses tell FOX8 the man ate a burger at the restaurant. He then ordered a second burger to go.

As the waitresses rang that order up, the man allegedly took the donation jug and ran away without paying.

The theft was all caught on security video.

“We would’ve done something. He didn’t need to steal it,” said Patricia Anderson. She is the fiancée of Ronnie Fountain, the man who the donations were originally for.

Fountain worked as a cook at Terry House BBQ for around 20 years. In July, after months of pain, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 liver cancer.

“I stay tired every day. I barely get up to work around the house,” Ronnie explained.

To give back, Terry House BBQ employees placed a donation jug at the front of the building to allow customers to give back to the man who fed them for two decades.

Ronnie doesn’t know much time he has left in his diagnosis. He is in the process of trying to get on a waiting list for a transplant. But, even then, he does not have the money for surgery.

He explained how the stolen donations would have been a very small step toward getting him that help.

“I know it ain’t nowhere near what I need ... the more I get, the more I come up with to leave [Patricia], the better off she will be.”

Though the donations were stolen, Terry House is scheduling another event to help Ronnie.

On Sept. 20, there will be a car and bike show at Terry House BBQ in Thomasville.

Meanwhile, police have not released the identity of the suspected theft.

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