Local woman looking for owner of Christmas greeting she found in book

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MEBANE, N.C. – Dr. Kathryn Xixis is looking for the owner of a children’s Christmas greeting she found in a book from a used bookstore.

“They appear to be twins,” said the pediatric neurologist, who believes they are newborns from the size of the prints. “Seems to me from my experience in working in the NICU that would be something the nurses, who are always thinking of families, would think to make.”

Xixis, who is from Greensboro, found the greeting tucked inside a used coffee table book that she bought at the Fifth Street Used bookstore in Mebane.

It had the hands and foot prints of newborns with the writing "Merry Christmas 2000 Mommy & Daddy, Love Armand & Stefan xoxo."

“When we got home, I realized it had this picture in it,” Xixis said, a mom herself, who came across the picture again recently after moving to Virginia. “If someone is out there, just let me know. I can just stick it in the mail. I’m happy to do that.”

Today the children would be 19 years old.

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