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Alabama high school removes bathroom stall doors to combat vaping in school

(Getty Images)

FLORENCE, Ala. — The doors are coming off some bathroom stalls at one Alabama school, and administrators say its all an effort to help stop teen vaping, according to WAFF.

The unusual measure comes about two weeks after a student at Wilson High School, in Florence, was vaping in a bathroom only to be later found passed out in the stall.

And officials at Wilson High say this student wasn’t the only one breaking school rules.

The new doorless stalls have ignited debate amongst the school community with some calling the change “excessive.”

Rachel Munsey told WAFF, “I don’t like it. They take their only private place in the school that they can do their business.”

Brandon Campbell told the station, “It’s a little over-excessive. Maybe they need to put a monitor in the hall, like they do. Usually they have a truancy officer or a police officer at the school. Have them monitor the hallway because a bathroom is for each individual person’s privacy.”

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