‘He’d eaten a few pets’: Hunters catch massive alligator big enough to rival state record

Alligator stock photo (Getty Images)

GAUTIER, Miss. — Two Mississippi hunters caught an alligator on the opening day of the hunting season that’s big enough to rival the state record, the Clarion Ledger reports. 

The gator put up a major fight for Derrick Saucier and Jarrod Davis who bagged the massive reptile Aug. 31.

They hooked it then spent an hour and a half to get the 13-foot-6 inch alligator to shore.

The two ended up having to tow the gator shallower water to catch it because it was too big to fit in their boat.

“He was a nuisance. He’d eaten a few pets. One of the trappers hooked him a month ago,” Saucier said. “I could still see the scar on him where the hook came out. People had been chasing him for years.”

The current record for heaviest male alligator captured in public waters is 822 pounds.

The beast captured by Saucier and Davis could surpass the previous record.

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