Videos capture flooding all across Ocracoke Island caused by Hurricane Dorian

OCRACOKE, N.C. — As Hurricane Dorian swept across the North Carolina coast, people all across Ocracoke island shared video of high floodwaters blanketing their neighborhoods.

Deborah Lacks shared jarring video of floodwaters climbing over her porch on Ocracoke Island, the ground buried beneath the water. A pick-up truck is visible with water up and over its tires.

Flooding may have overtaken Moonraker Tea Shop, but the Ocracoke shop still has a sense of humor about it. "This is not what I meant when I wanted a tea shop on the water," the page said in a Facebook post.

Jason Wells watched as Hurricane Dorian drove what looked like a river through his Ocracoke backyard. He said he had never seen this happen before.

An Ocracoke woman said in a Facebook post, "This has been a disaster flooding." She, like Wells, says she's never seen floodwater like this.

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