‘It turned a bad day into a good one’: Winston-Salem man wins $1 million on scratch-off ticket

(Getty Images)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A Winston-Salem couple has big plans afer landing the $1 million prize with a scatch-off ticket, according to the N.C. Education Lottery.

Robert Kennedy, a financial analyst from Winston-Salem, said it happened Tuesday evening when he stopped by a Circle K on West Clemmonsville Road.

“My friends always called me lucky,” Kennedy said. “I guess I really am. I married the right woman, I have two wonderful children and three grandchildren, and now this. This is the icing on the cake.”

He grabbed a $5,000 Loaded scratch-off ticket.

“For some reason, I just felt drawn to the ticket,” Kennedy said. “I knew I won something right away, but I thought it was something small. I couldn’t believe it when I saw $1 million.”

The first thing he did was share the good news with his wife.

“She had just spent the night in the hospital with my mother-in-law,” Kennedy said. “When I showed her the ticket, she immediately perked up. It turned a bad day into a good one.”

He opted for the $600,000 lump sum over 20 payments of $50,000 a year.

After taxes, Kennedy had $424,503 and a trip to plan!

He said he and his wife will fulfill their dream trip to Minnesota to see their favorite sports teams in action.

“My wife and I are huge Twins and Vikings fans,” Kennedy said. “We started saving a while back when I won $1,000 on a lottery ticket, now this will really make the trip special.”

The Loaded scratch-off game, with tickets selling for $10 each, had four $1 million top prizes when it launched. Only one of those huge prizes remains.

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