Davidson County Community Action helps people overcome poverty

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Davidson County Community Action is helping people overcome poverty.

Keyara Wasler could've given up.

“After high school, I was just working,” Wasler said.

Fighting got her expelled in 10th grade and eventually fighting put her in prison for a few months.

“I couldn’t find a decent job. I was tired of staying with my aunt. I was just like 'I’ve got to get it together,'” Wasler said.

Now, the Davidson County native is fighting to keep her past from defining her.

“I haven’t been in trouble since 2010," Wasler said.

Until this February, spotty hours at her job put her behind on rent.

“It was probably like 500 dollars," Wasler said.

She turned to Davidson County Community Action who covered it.

They don’t just handout. They teach as well.

The non-profit delivered over 80% of the clients they worked with from poverty in its last program year.

“I stayed on top of everything and I didn’t need their assistance and my checks were decent enough to where I actually graduated from the program,” Wasler said.

Now, she’s a month ahead on rent and has plans of starting her own business in January.

“I’m not ashamed. So I don’t think anybody else should be ashamed of asking for help,” Wasler said.

DCCA connects families to resources, educates them and holds clients accountable.

“It’s a really good program because it’s not just for paying bills. It actually helps you with school and all types of things,” Wasler said.

Wasler's Aunt Jaque Johnson that she used to live with died five years ago this month.

But she knows Aunt Jaque is proud of how she’s fought to keep moving on.

“She would probably be happy because I definitely came a long way," Wasler said.

DCCA is looking to expand its impact.

Next Saturday, they’re hosting a casino night fundraiser at 6 p.m. at Sapona Golf, Swim and Tennis club in Lexington.

To go to the DCCA Facebook page to get tickets and learn how you can join the fun, click here. 

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