Woman says she was attacked on the highway in Guilford County

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- A woman who was on her way down U.S. 29 Monday evening says she doesn’t look at driving on the highway the same anymore after she was attacked.

Around 6 p.m., the woman, who did not want to be identified, told FOX8 another driver pulled out a weapon.

She was in the left lane of the highway heading north when another car got behind her going fast just moments after other cars began to merge on the highway. She says she was going the speed limit but thinks that wasn’t good enough for the driver behind her.

Moments later, the driver got in the lane next to her. She says the driver was mad because they couldn’t get around her in time before the other cars began to merge.

“He got up close to me and next thing you know, his window was down he pulls out a gun and he starts shooting at me,” the woman said.

Shots were fired from what investigators say was either a pellet or BB gun.

The woman says she was speeding up to get away from the driver and decided to put her car in reverse to see if the driver would leave her alone since she was far ahead of the oncoming traffic.

“He decided to put his car in reverse and was continuing to shoot at me in reverse,” the woman said.

Investigators believe three shots hit the car, one shattering the back passenger window and two hitting the passenger door leaving two dents in the car.

The woman said she was terrified, upset and couldn’t believe someone would take their anger to the next level of turning to violence.

“If he’d gotten above where he shot one of the shots he would have either hit my arm, my neck, or my head,” she said.

The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office investigated this case and said it appears to be a road rage incident. The case is closed because the victim could not provide a license plate number.

She wants other drivers to be aware of drivers with road rage on especially on the highways.

“Be patient, you know, not everybody goes the speed limit that you go, some people do the speed limit,” she said.

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