Eden city manager resigns before pleading guilty to felony larceny by employee

Stephen Bradley Corcoran

EDEN, N.C. — The Eden city manager pleaded guilty to felony larceny by employee and resigned from his position with the city, according to the district attorney’s office.

Stephen Bradley Corcoran, who worked as Eden city manager for about 18 years, submitted his plea Tuesday morning to the superior court.

Eden Mayor Neville Hall said Corcoran was charged for altering the timesheets of his three children over the years.

One of Corcoran’s children still works in city public works. His two daughters previously worked with parks and recreation as lifeguards, but the mayor says he does not believe they have worked for the city for some time.

He received probation and was ordered to pay $20,000 in restitution. According to Eden Mayor Neville Hall, the federal and state bureaus of investigation found $20,000 to be appropriate as it is possible that up $32,000 was misappropriated.

Hall said Corcoran resigned as Eden city manager Tuesday morning going into court.

The mayor said there is no indication that Corcoran’s children knew that their timesheets were altered.

Corcoran and all city employees questioned have been cooperative in the case, according to Hall.

The mayor said Corcoran never gave him or the court an explanation.

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