Traffic enforcement heightened in Guilford County school zones

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Time is precious on your morning commute, but not as precious as the lives of the thousands of Piedmont kids who returned to school this week.

Beatrice Porter has lived across the street from Hunter Elementary in Greensboro for 48 years. Her kids went there.

“I thought they were a little bit too little at that time to cross the street on their own,” Porter said. “I would never want to get that kind of call that a child had been struck by a careless driver.”

It’s how her stepsister died in the 60s and she said it is a memory that bothers her to this day.

“I just couldn’t imagine someone not wanting to slow down. Seeing a bus sitting still waiting to pick up a child. Where is your mind at?” she said.

It’s why she was excited to see police patrolling her street Monday morning.

Officer J.B. Price made stops on the morning and afternoon routes.

“Students are crossing the street, new teen drivers as well as school buses. It just makes a very difficult and tense situation where the potential for something dangerous to happen,” Price said.

Law enforcement is teaming up for Operation School Watch and targeting speeders.

“And I thought well at least they’re on the ball out there today. First day I think the police must be out and paying attention,” Porter said.

If that doesn’t slow down drivers, there are reminders. Like an electronic sign reminding drivers school zone speeding tickets are expensive.

“That’s a warning. Pay attention. We’re in a school zone here,” Porter said.

Your precious time could cost you 438 precious dollars.

“We take it very seriously, we want to make sure every student has the opportunity to get to school without being injured,” Price said.

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