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Cocaine valued at $1 million hidden in bananas shipped to grocery stores

KING COUNTY, Wash. — Banana shipments sent to grocery stores in Washington were carrying cocaine valued at over $1 million, authorities say, K5 News reports.

Cocaine shipments in banana boxes went to three separate Safeway stores in western Washington with each shipment weighing almost 50 pounds.

“I don’t know, I always think we’re in this little bubble. This precious little bubble where nobody knows how great it is and we have drugs here too. Maybe I’m just a little naïve,” said Karlie Gates, a local mom.

Investigators don’t think the three Safeway stores were where the cocaine was supposed to go.

“Obviously they didn’t go to the right destination,” said shopper Gil Coronado, “that’s a big mix up.”

The Safeway distribution center, located outside of Washington, distributes to 144 stores along the west coast.

The area where the bananas were grown is currently unclear.

A Safeway representative said the company is fully cooperating while investigators follow the supply chain in reverse to find out where the drugs were supposed to go.

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