‘Do not approach’: Eno the Emu is still on the loose, starting to settle down, Orange County Animal Services says


ORANGE COUNTY, N.C. — Leave Eno the Emu alone. That’s the message from Orange County Animal Services after months of trying to catch the elusive emu, WTVD reports.

The emu started making national headlines in August. Orange County has been trying to capture him since June.

Despite multiple sightings, officials have not been able to capture the mysterious emu, and there’s still no word on where he came from.

However, Orange County now says the emu is settling down in an area that agents are monitoring. They have been setting out food and water for the emu.

They hope this will make him more trusting and comfortable, which will give them a better chance to safely capture him.

In the meantime, Orange County Animal Services asks people not to approach the emu if they see him.

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