Mom says baby formula bought at Walmart was tampered with

Baby (Getty Images)

PHOENIX — A mom in Phoenix says baby formula she believes was tampered with made her 9-month-old daughter sick, KPNX reports.

Madeline Roque says she bought the formula from a Walmart and when she prepared it, she noticed her daughter, Adeline, didn’t want it.

“I just thought she was going through the teething process. She gets cranky,” Roque said.

She noticed something was off with the “milk” after making two more bottles.

“The color was different. The texture was different, so I just knew it wasn’t milk,” Roque said.

She saw that the mixture began to separate when she let it stand for a while.

“Then when I poured the bottle in the sink, and I saw how it got. That’s when it just hit me,” Roque said.

Now she believes the mixture was flour.

Adeline threw up, passed gas and had diarrhea as the night went on.

She is now in good health after Roque took her to the doctor.

A spokesperson for Walmart says they are now investigating the incident.

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