7-foot crocodile swam in Ohio creek while kids played in water

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WEST ALEXANDRIA, OHIO -- A 7-foot crocodile was found by a group of children in West Alexandria, Ohio creek Wednesday, WDTN reports.

A video captured shows 16 children fleeing the creek.

The crocodile made its way towards a church group which happened to be studying a lesson called "Dangers in the Shadows."

A church leader was standing on a bridge overlooking the incident.

"While he was on the bridge and kids started splashing in the water, he sees this shadow moving towards the kids," said Jim Hazelwood of Jacob's Well Fellowship.

The shaodw was 7-foot crocodile...and as something that started as a lesson...ended up being a major life experience.

A boy named Joshua was in the water when crocodile appeared.

"It was really scary, but I knew the Lord was with me," Joshua said. It was kind of like a beat in the chest. It was so weird."

A child also lost a unique shoe, and when he thought he saw it come up out of the water, he saw the crocodile.

"He had his shoe float up. It was a croc. Shawn says 'look there's a croc!' then he walks to the other side of the bridge and sees the shadow," said Rick Turnbull, a supervisor

The church group says they wish whoever dropped the crocodile in the creek would have considered the possible long-term implications.

They theorize the reptile had to be new to the environment, guessing the non-salt water environment would have eventually killed the croc or any companions.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture is investigating.



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