New York police investigating 2 suspicious packages resembling pressure cookers, says they are not explosive

(NYPD Counterterrorism/Twitter)

NEW YORK — Bomb squad officers are responding Friday morning to two suspicious packages found in downtown New York, a law enforcement official said.

NBC New York reports the packages appear to be or resemble pressure cookers or rice cookers.

New York officials are now saying the objects are not explosive.

One package was found at Fulton and William streets, and the other was found on the nearby subway platform that serves the 2 and 3 trains, the official said.

There was no immediate guidance as to what might be in the packages, the official said.

A New York Police Department emergency services unit also responded around 7:15 a.m. ET to the scene, the official said.

Three New York Fire Department units also have been sent to the scene of the police investigation near the Fulton Street subway complex, a department spokesperson said.

Subway trains are bypassing the area for now.

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