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Guilford County Sheriff’s Office to reassign all school resource officers to different schools

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Sheriff Danny Rogers plans to shuffle around the school resource officers serving in Guilford County Schools to reach more students and keep officers on their toes, according to a Friday news release.

Rogers believes this plan will help make sure the sheriff’s office doesn’t miss any possible connections.

“Despite the best efforts of School Resource Officers, there are occasionally students the SRO simply cannot reach or connect with,” the sheriff’s office said in a news release. “It is the desire of Sheriff Rogers and the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office to reach every student and create a positive change in the relationships between students and law enforcement officers.”

The sheriff’s office says this is just the first step towards reaching this goal.

This move also aims to make sure officers don’t become “too comfortable or complacent” at their schools.

“To provide the greatest possible security for our schools, officers must remain vigilant at all times,” the sheriff’s office said. “As with any position in law enforcement, over-exposure to the same environment often lures officers into a false sense of security.”

Officers who work at schools considered more active may also be at a higher risk for burnout and fatigue.

Despite this change, the sheriff’s office emphasized that SROs will remain committed to building relationships with students, faculty and parents and stay focused on keeping schools across Guilford County safe.

Guilford County School Chief of Staff Nora Carr said she was not aware of the change until the sheriff’s office announced it Friday.

Read the full statement:

Guilford County Sheriff’s Office addresses plan to move school resource officers

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