3 baby eastern box turtles emerge after ‘salvaged’ from dying mother on Hatteras Island

HATTERAS ISLAND, N.C. — An eastern box turtle was pregnant when she died, but her babies are alive and well.

Hatteras Island Wildlife Rehabilitation shared the incredible story to Facebook Thursday morning.

When the eastern box turtle died, rescuers “salvaged” three of her eggs.

The rehabilitation center said that only 24 hours passed between the time they pipped, or began tearing a hole in their egg’s shells, and when they emerged.

The turtles took a little extra time to stay in their shells so they could absorb the yoke and gather up the energy to set out in the world.

Hatteras Island Widlife Rehabilitation also shared photos of one of the turtle’s umbilical cords which naturally shrinks and detaches before the turtle can begin its first adventure.

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