Kentucky man arrested outside Pentagon with shotgun, machete, whiskey, said he had ‘liberty business’

ARLINGTON, VA. — A Kentucky man arrested outside the Pentagon with a shotgun, ammunition and a machete is facing federal charges, authorities say, WTOP reports.

On Aug. 6  at 3:30 p.m., Charles Lawson went up to two Pentagon police officers in the parking lot, court documents show.

Investigators say Lawson told them he came to the Pentagon on “liberty business” and made incomprehensible statements.

He also admitted he had been drinking alcohol, according to court documents.

Lawson told an officer he had a shotgun in his car and he was handcuffed.

Officers say they found a 12-gauge shotgun, a box of shotgun shells, an 18-inch machete, an open bottle of whiskey and a “green leafy substance that was wrapped in white paper” when they searched Lawson’s truck.

He told police that he had only stopped for gas after he left from Kentucky and drove through the night to the Pentagon.

A doctor told police that Lawson mentioned he was diagnosed as schizophrenic during a physical and mental well-being assessment at a hospital, court documents show.

He was hospitalized involuntarily in February due to a mental illness, which prevented him from legally being allowed to own a gun, a background check revealed.

In the petition for his commitment to a hospital, Lawson’s wife said he had previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

He is charged with unlawfully possessing a firearm after having previously been committed to a mental institution.

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