Woman runs ‘retirement village’ for senior golden retrievers

(Getty Images)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — It’s heartbreaking to imagine a dog spending its final years alone with no family to call its own.

That’s why Harris Culbertson isn’t letting that happen.

Out of her own home, Culbertson is essentially running what she calls a “retirement village” for aging golden retrievers.

Over the last 18 years now, she’s fostered about 40 golden seniors through their golden years.

Culbertson also has the help of her daughter, June, who cares for the dogs.

“She’s learned that there are dogs and humans out there who don’t have families, and we can help that,” Culbertson said.

“You can cry because they got put down alone at a shelter or because they got to go trick-or-treating and have tea parties and eat more treats and popcorn than they can stand, and they went peacefully in their sleep. And I just prefer the latter,” Culbertson said.

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