Toddler dies after becoming trapped in washing machine

ORLANDO, FLA. — A 3-year-old boy climbed into a washing machine and died of suffocation after getting trapped inside, police say, WESH reports.

Investigators say the boy was in the laundry room, playing with his younger sibling, when he climbed inside a front-loading washing machine on his own.

“At some point in the process, the door closed. Either he pulled it shut himself, or maybe the sibling closed it. That’s something we’re still looking at,” said Cory Burkarth, of the Orlando Police Department.

At least one parent was home when the accident happened, the washing machine did not run with the toddler inside and it is unknown exactly how long the boy was trapped, investigators say.

“If you have your laundry room as its own separate room with a door and handle, put a child-proof handle on it, a child-proof lock,” Burkarth said.

Police have not revealed the model of the washing machine involved in the accident.

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